Measles Outbreak Alert

Important Notice: Measles Prevention and In-Office Safety Measures

With the national outbreak of measles reaching Bristol and North Somerset, it's essential to take immediate preventive measures. Measles is highly contagious, but preventable through the MMR vaccination and other options available at our practice.

If you or a family member might be infected, please do not visit the surgery. Instead, call us first. You will speak with a GP via phone and then, if necessary, be given a specific time for a safe visit. We may ask you to wait in your car upon arrival to protect yourself and others, especially our immunocompromised patients. Please provide our reception team with detailed information during your call to help us assess any infection risks.

For additional information on measles, visit the NHS website.

Vital Protection: Ensure Your Child is Vaccinated with MMR

The MMR vaccine is crucial not only for protecting against measles but also against rubella (German measles) and mumps, which can lead to viral meningitis. Achieving herd immunity requires 93-95% immunisation coverage, and current rates are below this threshold, contributing to the spread of measles.